Striker Games

Striker Games – A range of titles for smashing the living hell out of the ball

More Than Mundane Football

Ok, so it’s all well and good having a full-on football simulator for a game. Titles like the upcoming FIFA 2014 will no doubt please millions of fans out there with its comprehensive and increasingly realistic simulation of match play with real-ball physics a huge range of moves designed to look and feel more realistic than ever before. For flash based titles however, a full-on, in-depth simulation of the ins and outs of 90 minutes of well-rendered and comprehensively designed football is asking a lot. Moreover, I hope I’m not the only one that actually finds playing a match for 90 minutes – actual or simulated – incredibly dull and repetitive. I’ve not always been the most qualified for passing judgement on football games, but my experience with them now means that I actually am, and I’d like to show you that there’s more to football than passing a ball around for 90 minutes while a more interesting thing like paint drying is happening elsewhere.

Get Involved

By inferring that there is more to football than simply playing it as it appears on TV, I’m trying to allude to the fact that football can be even more entertaining when you cut out the rubbish and leave in the best bits. The above selection of games are in some way or another a condensing of football into its constituent parts. Jumpers for Goalposts 4, for example, is somewhat of a career simulator, but it packs some punch when it comes to skills practice and allows you to take control of your footballer to perform moves like snapshots, volleys, overhead kicks, and penalties by putting you right on the ball at the crucial moment when a goal-scoring opportunity presents itself. New Star Soccer is equally as comprehensive in its approach, and its unique shooting interface where you can control the direction, power, spin, and swerve of the shot is quite simply top class.

If you’re looking for some non-nonsense, no-frills (or at least minimal frills) striking action with none of the career nonsense, then perhaps Death Penalty World Cup may blow your whistle with its  corner-based shooting  on the goal and the sneaky inclusion of rapidly-approaching zombies. Too silly for you? Pure, unadulterated striking action can be found in Addicta Kicks, a game that is addictive as it is about kicking, which just so happens to be to the degree of ‘very’. It’s very about kicking.