Free Kick Games

Free Kick Games – Because scoring goals in pressure-filled situations is the only good thing about football

Put your Money Away: These Kicks are Free

Like football but don’t like all the fuss? Too many games these days attempt to take too much of a broad look at football, trying way too hard to cover too many aspects of the sport and diluting the quality of each aspect they cover as a result. So many games could have been brilliant if they just focused more on one or two aspects instead of trying to divide their attention between both, essentially pulling a Hitler and attempting to fight a two front war; just look how that turned out for him. I’m not suggesting that death befalls any game that tries and fails to provide a comprehensive simulation of several aspects of football such as career, match play, and also club management, but sometimes a game is just better if it narrows its scope. The Free Kick is a good place to start, and the free kick games below are all examples of successful focus on one of the few aspects of the sport that is actually interesting.

Dip your Toe In

If you want some action from around the penalty box area, then Addicta Kicks is a quality title that lets you hammer away repeatedly at the goal to your heart, choosing the angle, the direction and finally the swerve of the shot to encourage the ball into the net whilst avoiding defenders in varying positions and also beating the goalie. If you prefer to be directly behind the ball, the Free Kick Fusion is a title that puts you right up on it, allowing you to choose the direction, power, and swerve of your shot with its own particular interface; working your way through the leagues here is both challenging and rewarding. If you want a little more polish and also game with a little more mindful of both the shooting and the saving aspects of the free kick, then Euro Free Kick’s slick graphics and its ability to let you be the shooter as well as the goalie is a must-play.