Football Management Games

Football Management Games – When on-pitch action is simply too much to take


Not sure if you’ve got it in you to make the cut for the football pitch? Perhaps your dribbling, shooting, and passing are so below par that not even a solid 24 hours of training will do you much good. I know I’ve had a similar problem with some football games (Jumpers for Goalposts in particular), but it’s not all that bad really. Though I usually prefer to only play football games that don’t include the 95% of football that is boring and only focus on the moderately-exciting 5%, I can be found occasionally clicking away on a football management sim for hours on end, playing out matches in a pen-and-paper way without even having to set one virtual foot on the pitch or even get the chance to make a fool of myself by shanking the ball wide of an open goal. Thankfully, football management games are on hand to stop us making fools of ourselves.

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Football management is about the detail. A good title will allow us to control every aspect of the club, the players within it and it may even dip in and out of matches on occasion, provided that the shooting interface is at very least playable and allows you time on the ball. The title of Ultimate Football Management 2013 would lead one to believe that it provides such an opportunity, and for the most part it most certainly does. Split into managing the club (tactics, squad, and training) and time in the manager’s office to deal with the competitions, finances, and transfers, it is one of the more comprehensive football management titles out there, and the fact that it is from the talented developers at Mousebreaker

Ultimate Football Management truly has the monopoly on pure flash-based management, but if you want to fulfil your dream of immersing yourself in the Spanish leagues, then Ultimate Football Management Spain may also be just the ticket.