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Fifa Football 2014 has not yet been released by EA, but we have information below about features that are confirmed for the game. In the meantime, why not play more free fun football games for free below:

FIFA 2014 – Officially confirmed and reported features for this year’s highly-anticipated landing of the best sequel yet

World War Football

It is well known in the gaming community that many videogames tend to polarise opinions in a fairly substantial manner. Some people will swear blind that Counter Strike: Source was the only way to go for the massively popular online shooter, whereas loyalists shunned the new look, overhauled physics, and generally unfamiliar feel of the whole thing. No video game franchises have ever divided a fan base as much as the FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer, however (aside from maybe the BAFTA award win of New Star Soccer). I’m sure that if you took 1000 football game fans and popped them in a room with as many PS3s and copies of both game for an extended period of time, you would return to a WW1 trenches-like scenario with FIFA fans launching PS3 controllers at their rivals, and PES fans garrotting FIFA fans with HDMI cables in no-mans land. That’s how it plays out in my head, anyway, but since I consider PES to be the Axis forces, I’ve always gotten along with the FIFA allies so here is what we know about the soon-to-be released football masterpiece.


As does pretty much every information release about up and coming games, EA’s descriptive previews of the game contain largely overly-emotional and exaggeratedly sentimental  drivel about bringing the emotion of scoring goals to the player, inspiring fans to create their own midfield opportunities, and possessing features that allow you to dribby wibble just like the real playey-wayers do. I don’t buy into the superlative rhetoric spouted by video games companies, but I do like to work with cold, hard facts that tell me what’s going to appear in the game that I’ve been looking forward to for so long. Don’t tell me that you don’t want to see the features listed in an orderly fashion, since in the end, that’s all anyone wants, and is why Wikipedia exists.

Pure Shot System

It sounds like an advertising gimmick, but the pure shot system actually sounds pretty nifty as it looks like along with the new ball physics, this new shooting system that shooting is going to be based on is  going to heavily improve this aspect of the game, as well as being able to shoot whilst off-balance and produce hurried shots that will actually feel hurried. It gives the player more scope for choosing the angles and adjusting the stride of the players so every shot feels more hefty and satisfying.

Protect the Ball

This feature looks like it will allow you to actively protect the ball whilst travelling down the field, allowing you to out-manoeuvre challengers. You can also assert your position by dominating nearby players in order to secure position for receiving the ball.

New Shot Type Innovations

It can never hurt to have more ways to smash and control the ball, can it. New shot types include:

  • Sprint Dribble Turns: Explosive turns and cuts to out-skill defenders whilst sprinting with possession of the ball, also allowing you to move in all directions whilst staying in possession.
  • Variable Dribble Touches: It looks like this means that the first touch on the ball will determine the level of skill and control that will be applied to the ball when dribbling at full pace. This will create a divide between skilled and unskilled players, the latter findinf it difficult to get a good initial touch on the ball and resulting accuracy and control of the dribble.
  • Curling Lofted Through Balls: Essentially just curling the ball so you can bend it around challengers and opponents
  • Second-Chance Tackles: Extension of the tackle zone to allow defenders to utilise a combination of tackle types to earn an extra chance to swipe the ball from their opponents.

Skill Games

Essentially a practice mode that allows you to refine all of the above skills and the rest of the manoeuvres that are required for you to be able to survive in the competitive world of the FIFA titles.

Career Mode

Use of a global scouting network allows you to scout for players all year round, evaluate footballers that could be of an advantage to your team, and a new hub to make the process smoother and faster than before.

Teammate Intelligence, Real Ball Physics

Attempts to make the gameplay as unbelievably realistic as the graphics come in the form of increased intelligence of the AI in your teammates resulting in the better marking of players and better decision making in general.

EA also keep going on about real-ball physics that will determine the trajectory, lift, and general behaviour of the ball depending on the type of strike applied to it, resulting in ball behaviour that is more realistic than ever.

Online Features

The game will possess the usual online system and EA Sports Football Club. It will also see some changes to the FIFA Football Team, a new online mode that will apparently “ encourage social competition”, and authenticity with over 500 officially-licensed football clubs.

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